Former Chiefs Cornerback Attacks The Patriots, Believes KC Should Have Been In The Super Bowl

Steven Nelson is a football cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. He was drafted in the league back in 2015, as the 98th overall pick of the 3rd round for the Kansas City Chiefs. He spent four seasons with the Chiefs before signing with the Steelers less than a month ago.

While with the Chiefs, Nelson had the chance of making an appearance at Super Bowl LIII. The Chiefs had been having a great season, they were winning game after game, that is until they reached the AFC Championship game. In the AFC Championship, they were required to play against the New England Patriots, the toughest competition in the league.

The game was back and forth until the end and it went into overtime. With the Patriots winning the coin-toss, the Chiefs knew their chances of winning the game were slim. It took the Patriots one drive to reach the end zone, they didn’t even give the Chiefs the chance to go out on the field. The Patriots won the AFC Championship and advanced to Super Bowl LIII, where they defeated the Los Angeles Rams and won their sixth Lombardi trophy.

It looks like Nelson still holds a grudge over the Patriots for winning that game. During a recent appearance on Fox Sports 1’s “Fair Game” he discussed his feelings toward the New England Patriots as they headed into the Super Bowl. He had quite harsh words to share for the champions:

“I was like, screw the Patriots because we should’ve been in the Super Bowl. Kudos to them for making it, but I wanted the Rams to win. I’m moving on, but it kind of hurt me for maybe a week. It didn’t help because that was my birthday week. So it was like, ‘Man, come on.’ I wanted to go to the Super Bowl, and I’m from Atlanta and the Super Bowl was in Atlanta. It’s all good, though.”

Better luck next time, Nelson!