New England Patriots And Michael Bennett Agree to New Reworked deal, Here’s What Changed

About a month ago, the Philadelphia Eagles sent Michael Bennett to the New England Patriots over a trade. Even before Bennett signed with the Patriots, he said that he felt he deserved a new contract and the Patriots thought he deserved that as well.

According to recent reports, Bennett and his new team have reworked his contract. His previous base value was $15.7 million and now his value has risen to $16.75 million, sources tell ESPN’s Field Yates.

It was also reported that the new deal includes a $4 million signing bonus, and Bennett will now earn a base salary of $3 million for 2019, with $1.5 million in per-game roster bonuses this season. Next year he will earn a base salary of $7 million, with $1.25 million in per-game roster bonuses.

This deal allows Bennett to have more security and financial upside, while the Patriots gain $700,000 in salary-cap space in 2019. As of right now, the Patriots have about $18 million in cap space.

Last month, while Bennett was still with the Eagles, he told reporters that players are often surprised when they are brought up in trade talks. However, he knew that Philadelphia might trade him due to financial considerations and was okay with that possibility. He then told reporters:

“I’m not willing to take a pay cut. I actually want a pay raise at this point, and so whatever happens, just to know that whatever team I go to, I want to get paid more than I get paid right now.”

After the trade happened, Bennett did an interview with the Patriots’ official website and explained:

“I love being a Patriot because, obviously, it’s all about winning. I think everything about the organization is about team-first. It’s just about doing what you need to do to get to where we want to go as a group. I think I love that.”

We can’t wait to see Bennett on the field with the Patriots!