Ex-Pats WR Malcolm Mitchell Announces Retirement With A Heartbreaking Message

New England Patriots wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell was the 112th overall pick of the fourth round for the New England Patriots. He joined the league back in 2016, spent 2017 and 2018 playing for the team before winning a Super Bowl title earlier this year.

Over the course of his career in the NFL, Mitchell was a key component in the New England Patriots’ roster. He helped in the epic come-from-behind Super Bowl victory over the Atlanta Falcons However, the 35-year old receiver has decided to call it quits. He recently went on social media to post this message:

“There are moments beneath grabbing a breath of fresh air that those too close don’t care for, and all we’ve endured has not prepared us for the things to come, good or bad. Whatever you do, do it with creativity, fluidity, sophistication, fearlessness and for the culture crashers. Everything will work out. The world has a knack for correcting itself.”

Last summer, Mitchell penned a touching goodbye note to the region seemingly ending on as good of terms as you can with that sort of situation. He wrote:

“New England, thank you! My heart hurts, but I smile when thinking about all the love, support, and patience you have given me. To the community this is not goodbye, it’s I’ll see you later. Go Pats!”

The Patriots decided to release Mitchell in early August. That release was not coupled with an injury designation, so there was no money in it for Mitchell. Prior to that season, he had missed an entire season due to a knee injury and even had a procedure done in the days leading up to camp to try and locate the specific source of his discomfort. However, he did end up returning for another season that resulted in a championship title. At least he will go out with a bang!