Watch: Martellus Bennett Jokingly Indicates Patriots Comeback After Witten Deal

It looks like Jason Witten is not the only one who will make a comeback to the National Football League.

Earlier this week, Witten announced that he will be back with the Dallas Cowboys for the following season. This is quite a shock considering that Witter went into retirement a year ago.

According to recent reports, Martellus Bennett decided to have a little laugh with Witten. He took to social media to make a similar plea for the Patriots to follow suit and bring him back. He said:

“Heard it’s the year of the comeback. What’s up Patriots? Yo Bill, Tom. holla at ya boy. You already know what’s up. Yo, Gronk hold on. Hold on, Gronk! Hold on, Gronk! Ya boy is on the way, Gronk! Hold on, Gronk! Ya boy is on the way, Gronk! Put the Robin signal in the air, Batman. Let’s go! Put the Robin signal in the air! Robin’s coming back Batman.” 

He also talked to the Cowboys about making a comeback to their team, so it appears like the former tight end is keeping his options open. 

A Patriots fan can never forget how amazing it was to have Bennett in the Patriots locker room. He joined the team prior to the 2016 season in a deal with the Chicago Bears. During his first season with the team, the tight end fit in nicely catching 55 passes for 701 yards and a career-high seven touchdowns in the regular season. In the playoffs, he tacked on 11 receptions for 98 yards. 

Bennett and the Patriots won Super Bowl LI, the first and last time Bennett played in the big game. After that season, Bennett hit free agency and appeared open to re-signing with the Patriots, but went on to sign with the Packers. In 2017, Bennett announced that he will be retiring from the NFL.