Update and Details on Rob Gronkowski’s BRUTAL injury

Rob Gronkowski didn’t have the best season of his career this year. Even though he has been dealing with a lot of injuries, he was able to pull through and play in Super Bowl LIII. He was crucial to his team winning another Super Bowl ring, making him a three-time Super Bowl champion.

During the opening minutes of the second quarter against Los Angeles, Gronk took a vicious hit to the thigh. Even though he was limping, he decided to stay in the game and play it out. He had six catches for 87 yards, which included a 29-yard reception that helped set up the game’s lone touchdown. After the game he said that his thigh was injured:

“Yeah, my quad. It hurts a lot. I can barely walk right now. Adrenaline is flowing throughout the game. It’s the Super Bowl. I’ve had had these quad shots about four times now. Probably won’t be able to walk that good tomorrow. But it’s all good. We’re Super Bowl champs.”

Here have been a lot of talks hinting that this might have been Gronkowski’s last season. Earlier this week, Rosenhaus talked about the possibility of Gronkowski retiring and said:

“I checked in with Rob a couple of days ago. I talked with the Patriots about it. Right now, Rob is thinking it through. He is giving it a lot of thought. Rob will certainly I think make a decision in the foreseeable future. I don’t want to put any pressure on him and give him a timeframe, but I would imagine that it will be sometime in the next couple of weeks.”

There is no doubt that Gronkowski will remain known as one of the best tight ends to ever play in the league. Even though he is pretty young, his many injuries might cut his career short.