Joe Montana Talks About His Legacy And Praises Tom Brady

Back when Super Bowl 23 was about to commence, Joe Montana made his famous reference to Canadian actor John Candy before leading the 49ers to a comeback win over the Bengals. Before this year’s Super Bowl, Montana was charged with tracking down his biggest NFL fans in Canada.

According to recent reports, Montana surprised fans with the gift of tablets fully loaded with NFL Game Pass on DAZN. With these, the fans can watch every single NFL game, anywhere, any time, from any era — including all four of Montana’s Super Bowl victories with the 49ers.

Montana was surprised by how many fans he has all these years after he finished his career. He said: “The passion for the NFL here is even greater than I even expected. It was good to see how excited everyone was. It was a lot of fun.”

Super Bowl 53 played out between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. Veteran quarterback Tom Brady was able to outplay Jared Goff. When talking about this, Montana said he could have never imagined his legacy would be going strong three decades later:

“You don’t go into it thinking everyone will keep talking about you. It’s humbling to think how far it’s gone.”

Montana finished his career with four rings in four Super Bowl games. On the other hand, Tom Brady has six rings from nine Super Bowl games. Montana said that he and Brady cannot be compared:

“It’s hard to compare guys from different eras because this game has changed so much. You go back to Otto Graham and what he did, with seven championships in 10 years. He played 30 years before me. Tom is doing it now. They’re all great accomplishments that you have to appreciate for what they were at the time.” 

We’re yet to see if Brady is able to add another ring or two to his resume in the following years!