Will Tom Brady Give the Patriots a Hometown Discount on His Contract Again

If there is one thing everyone is certain about it’s that the Patriots will continue winning games as long as Tom Brady is on the team. Another thing we are sure about is that Tom Brady will give the Patriots a hometown discount on his contract.

Brady will turn 42 before the start of the next NFL season. Even though a lot of people would love to see him retire, he made it clear that that won’t happen this year. He has been clear about the fact he wants to play well into his mid-40s.

After Super Bowl LIII, Patriots owner Robert Kraft said he envisions Brady as remaining New England’s quarterback for quite awhile. When reporters asked him about Brady’s contract, Kraft said he didn’t have any reservations about extending the four-time Super Bowl MVP’s deal beyond 2019. Brady has taken the team to three consecutive Super Bowls that resulted in two victories.

This year will be the last year on Brady’s contract. He should make $15 million this year, which consists of a $14 million base salary and $1 million of 46-man per-game active roster bonuses.

For a player like Brady, the paycheck that he receives is not nearly as big as it needs to be. If he chooses to use his salary cap, he can make a lot more money. However, considering what Brady has done in previous years, we know that he won’t take a lot of money from the team. Even though he is the best quarterback in the league, he is not even ranked in the top ten best-paid quarterbacks. He is paid $85,794,781 and this is how much the other quarterback earn:

1. Aaron Rodgers ($155,312,250)
2. Matthew Stafford ($127,529,470)
3. Joe Flacco ($124,024,525)
4. Matt Ryan ($123,785,630)
5. Drew Brees ($123,258,385)
6. Eli Manning ($113.65 million)
7. Philip Rivers ($108,830,015)
8. Ben Roethlisberger ($105,709,470)
9. Alex Smith ($100,017,380)
10. Cam Newton ($88,438,640). 

The Patriots need to thank Brady for not using the contract leverage he’s possessed when he’s had the chance.