Bills Jerry Hughes Accuses Tom Brady Of Foul Play And Asks For Explanation From NFL commish

According to Buffalo Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes, there are different rules for quarterbacks like New England’s Tom Brady than there are for players who play defense.

Earlier this week, Hughes went on social media to talk about a video of Brady arguing with refrees. Hughes took issue with the exchange because Brady wasn’t penalized by the league. However, the video has been deleted since because of copyright issues.

In fact, Hughes has a similar incident with a referee after one of his team’s games. There was a video of him in the tunnel after the game in a heated verbal exchange with referee Roy Ellison. He told the referee: “I’ll catch you, trust me. I’ll catch you guaranteed.” For this, he was fined $53,482 by the league.

Hughes went on Twitter to write: “How come only defensive players get fined? Some lame buffalo (sic) repoter (sic) trying to make a name for himself records me after the game next to my locker talking. (Brady’s) cussing at the refs on the field. Blatant rule violation (shrug emojis).”

When reproters asked Hughes about the incident, he said: “Who was angry? I lost the game so I’m supposed to be angry. We just played our butts off for four quarters and we came six inches short of winning the football game. So I think myself, with a lot of Buffalo Bills fans are probably upset right now. That’s just the nature of sports. Someone is going to win and someone is going to lose.”

Currently, Hughes is one of the leaders for a defense that ranked second in the NFL in total defense and first in pass defense.

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