The Patriots have their new defensive coordinator

The New England Patriots have welcomed a new defensive coordinator to the team. Shortly after the Patriots celebrate their sixth Super Bowl victory, they announced that Brian Flores had decided to leave the team. He will now be the defensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins.

According to recent reports, the Patriots have already found a man for the job. Former Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano is expected to be named the new defensive coordinator for the Patriots. He coached Devin and Jason McCourty along with Duron Harmon, Logan Ryan and Kenny Britt. In addition, he was the coach of Bill Belichick’s son and Patriots safeties coach Steve Belichick at Rutgers.

  When asked about Schiano in 2017, Bill Belichick said this:

“I think Greg’s a tremendous coach. I’ve learned an awful lot from him and had an opportunity to spend a lot of time with him when he was at Rutgers and Stephen [Belichick] was at Rutgers and I’d go down there. The lacrosse and the football programs are in the same building. Then at Tampa and the couple of years after Tampa was really even better for, I would say, my relationship with him because he had those last two years in the NFL and I’ve learned an awful lot from him. He’s given me a lot. We talk about things that they did in their program, that he did in Tampa, that really had a lot of relevance to what we do. So did Rutgers, but it’s a little bit different in the NFL. He’s done a great job at Ohio State.

He’s one of the very best coaches I think in our profession. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Greg and the way he runs his program and the job that he does. I would say the most impressive thing for me is the way that our players, which we’ve had a lot of Rutgers players come through here, the loyalty and the I would say love of the program, the college program that they were in at Rutgers when he was there, how they maintained that for years and years after they had left. Not taking anything away from any other school, but I would just say that it’s extremely strong. I think the relationship that he has with his kids, with his players and how well prepared his players are to come into this league is exceptional.”

Welcome to the team, Schiano!