Tom Brady Launches Specially Formulated Vegan Protein To Aid in Muscle Recovery

One of out favorite professional athletes of all time is New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He is the greatest quarterback of all time. At the age of 41, he is currently playing his 19th season in the league. He has a resume that leaves people speechless.

One of the things we love about Brady is how he takes care of his body. At the age of 41, most athletes are already retired. But that is not the case with Brady, who hopes to play at least to the age of 45.

According to recent reports, Brady unveiled a line of vegan protein powders under his TB12 brand ahead of Super Bowl LIII this Sunday. There are two flavors of the product: vanilla and chocolate. The product contains amino acids lysine (which aids in muscle recovery) and arginine (which enhances blood flow). 

When asked about it, the company said that the product is “[shaking] up the protein game as a great-tasting and sustainable plant-based protein made from peas.” They went on to say:

“This balanced amino acid profile provides your body with the daily protein that it needs to support your lifestyle while promoting muscle recovery and growth.”

Registered dietitian Jessica Cording also praised pea protein. She explained:

“Pea protein is an easy, palatable way to work plant-based protein into your day. Its mild taste and texture allow it to blend easily into other foods when used in powder form. It’s also a great alternative to soy- and nut-based protein products since those are two of the eight most common allergens and are not viable options for people with those allergies. Pea protein is a more sustainable option when compared to many other protein supplements.”

Even though Brady is not vegan, he has been said to follow a plant-based diet for optimal health. If you want to try his new product, go to TB12Sports and order this product in 30-serving bags ($40 each or $36 with a monthly subscription).