Julian Edelman says Tom Brady Is the G.O.A.T But Someone Else Is the B.O.A.T.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been dominating the league ever since his draft back in 2000. Over the course of his career, he has been able to add some of the most prestigious awards to his resume. He is the only player to play in nine Super Bowl and the only to win five of them over the course of 18 years.

There are those who don’t like Brady and say that his success is based on luck and not on skills. However, if you ask his teammates, they don’t really agree. Everyone who has played with Brady knows that he is as good a person on the field as he is off it. Recently, wide receiver Julian Edelman came forward to set the record straight. He said that Brady is the GOAT and not the BOAT:

“It means a lot. He’s a really good football player, the best. He goes out and he consistently proves it. He’s one of our leaders and he’s a leader for a reason. It’s really cool to be focused on catching not from the B.O.A.T., the G.O.A.T.”

Edelman also talked about his friendship with Brady and explained:

“He’s a great friend. I think that’s helped our relationship on the field just because there’s a friendship there. There’s a caring for one another. You could say that with a bunch of guys on this team as well. He’s a quarterback, I’m a receiver. There’s a lot of other guys that I have that same caring with and that’s because we’ve played a long time together and you learn guys in and out. We see each other more than we see our families. It’s cool to get to play with guys that you have friendships with.”

We can’t wait to see these two in the Super Bowl next week!