What Tom Brady Said to Patrick Mahomes After AFC Title Duel

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. He has been playing in the NFL since 2000. This year, he is playing his 19th season with the New England Patriots, but his resume is enough to talk about his career. He has more accomplishments and set records than any other player in the league.

Last night, the Patriots managed to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs. This was the eighth consecutive time that the Patriots played in the AFC Championship Game. After their glorious win, the Patriots secured their place in the Super Bowl for the third time in a row. They are one of only three teams that have manage to do this.

After Brady finished with the trophy presentation, finished with the locker room celebration, finished with his news conference where he was peppered with questions about the four second-half and overtime touchdown drives, Brady did something amazing. According to reports, he asked officials to take him to the one person who might be most in need of a moment of his time, because he’d most certainly earned his full admiration. When he was asked about this, he told reporters:

“I just wanted to say hello. I didn’t get to see him on the field.”

Mahomes and the Chiefs put up quite the fight. It was clear that both teams really wanted this win. These two teams combined for four touchdowns and one field goal in the final seven minutes, 45 seconds of the fourth quarter, with a Super Bowl appearance baying in the winter wind, there was no way Brady was leaving Arrowhead Stadium without a word with Mahomes.

Brady went on to say that he shared only a few words with Mahomes, congratulating him on an amazing game. That is the true warriors spirit, Brady showed that he is the ultimate teammate!