Dirtiest NFL Player Ndamukong Suh Must Be Suspended Over Larry Fitzgerald Eye Poke

Larry Fitzgerald is a football wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League. He was drafted in the league back in 2004 as the 3rd overall pick of the 1st round for the Cardinals. He has been with the team ever since.

This Sunday, the Arizona Cardinals played against the Los Angeles Rams and suffered a devastating loss. The Cardinals managed to put up only nine points in the whole game, while the Rams had thirty-one points overall. However, this kind of outcome was expected. The Cardinals have had only three wins since the beginning of the season, while the Rams have twelve.

There was one interesting moment during this game that we feel we have to talk about. We all know that Larry Fitzgerald is one of the classiest guys in the league. However, when it comes to the dirtiest player, that title has to go to Ndamukong Suh. 

Ndamukong Ngwa Suh is a football nose tackle for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League. He played this weekend when the Rams took on the Cardinals. During the game, he basically tried to take Larry’s eye out. Even though the NFL has not said anything about this, fans think that the league needs to suspend the player. Take a look at what happened:

What?! How has the league missed this? This kind of dirty play should cost Suh a two-game suspension at the least. If that happens, he will have to sit out his team’s last game of the regular season and their first playoffs game.

It’s a good thing Suh did not injure Fitzgerald’s eye. By the looks of it, the wide receiver is fine and enjoying the holidays. A couple of days back, he went on social media to wish all his followers a Merry Christmas.

We hope that the league will decide to punish Suh and teach him a lesson!