Josh Gordon’s Girlfriend Just Dumped Him on Instagram

The New England Patriots were on a losing streak for two weeks straight. First, they were defeated by the Miami Dolphins. Then, they suffered an unexpected defeat from the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was the first time in years that the Patriots had two consecutive losses in December, right before the end of the regular season. However, they were able to end the losing streak with a win over the Buffalo Bills this weekend.

Even though the Patriots ended their losing streak, their former wide receiver Josh Gordon did not. First , he had to leave the team because of an indefinite suspension from the NFL. He was suspended due to substance abuse. The, his girlfriend dumped him.

Gordon was reportedly dating internet sensation Dylan Gonzalez for a few months. Just last week, Gonzalez took it to Instagram to hint that she dumped him because he had been cheating on her.

Gonzalez posted on her Instagram story a statement that Gordon couldn’t keep it “in his pants.” The end of the statement, “SingleChronicles,” hints that she is single and back on the market.

Dylan Gonzalez's Instagram story, where she hints that she dumped New England Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon for cheating on her.

This must not have been Gordon’s best week of his life. He had a short but great run with the Patriots, a team that he joined early in the season. Gordon was a very beneficial player for the team and the organization is sad to see him leave. One member of the Patriots shared his about Gordon after his departure:

“He is not a bad kid at all. We enjoyed working with him. I just feel awful for him. This is a really sad time for Josh, and for us. And it’s not about football. You always have to deal with injuries and different personnel each week. That’s what all teams do. This is about Josh, and is he going to be getting the right help and support now? Is this about helping him, or punishing a kid who has not shown that he can handle what the league says he should be able to handle? Because if this was easy, then Josh would have already overcome it. He needs help and he needs support and direction. We were aware of that and trying to do what we could for him, and it’s unfortunate we can’t continue to do that with him in our building, whether he can play or not.”

We hope Gordon uses his time off from the league to get better and possibly work on getting back to the NFL in the future.