Tom Brady, 41, says he feels like ‘100 percent’ heading into Week 15

At the age of 41, New England Patriots quarterback is playing his 19th season in the league. While most players are already retired by the age of 40, Brady is in the best shape of his life right now.

During his interview with Jim Gray on Westwood One, Brady talked about his feelings headed into this week’s game. Brady revealed that he feels “100 percent” at this point in the year and that’s thanks in part to the measures he takes off the field. He said:

“So much of playing a physical, contact sport is dealing with the contact, and some people deal with it better than others. I have had a long history of learning what to do and what not to do. I think I know how to deal with it better than most. I work a lot with Alex [Guerrero], who I have talked extensively about. I have a really great disciplined routine that allows me to continue to take the hits and absorb the forces. 
My body feels great. I am in the 14th week of the year and I would say I feel 100 percent. I go out to practice. I practice as hard as I can. I feel great. I am ready for the next day. I don’t feel any different from day-to-day. It’s really encouraging. I know what I do works. It’s just such a great advantage for me as I move into the later parts of the season when I know other guys aren’t feeling as great as I am.”

Even though Brady has been dealing with a minor knee injury recently, he won’t give in to the injury. A lot depends on the outcome of the game this week. Make sure to tune in on Sunday and watch as the Patriots take on the Steelers!

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