Bill Belichick Will Reportedly Coach The Patriots Longer Than Expected

New England Patriots have been making fans happy for years. Let’s talk about their track record over the years for a bit. They’ve been winning more games than any other team in the NFL. They have some of the best players in history playing on their team. Also, they have countless titles behind them. It’s safe to say they are the best team in the league.

The Patriots started adding some noteworthy successes only after 2000. In 2000, quarterback Tom Brady joined the team and head coach Bill Belichick joined as well. For Belichick, this is the 19th season in a row that he is coaching the Patriots. According to recent reports, he is going to continue coaching the team for years to come.

According to the MMQB’s Albert Breer, Belichick is not planning on retiring anytime soon. He spoke about the coach on Friday’s edition of “The Herd” on FOX Sports 1 and said:

“I would have told you a year ago based on people that I was talking to that Belichick could kind of see the end. You got the sense that maybe a couple more years, maybe he gets to an even 20 and walks away after the 2019 season. I’m not getting that sense at all anymore. You talk to people in that building this year, the tension of last year is gone. The relationship with Brady isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than it was last year. And there are people I talk to there that think he could go another four or five years easy based on how energized he’s been this year, based on how passionate he is about his job.
And here’s the other thing, he’s a little like (Nick) Saban in this way too: When you have things set up the way Bill Belichick has them set up in Foxboro, you really don’t have to work as hard because part of the operation becomes turnkey. That doesn’t mean he’s working less diligently or he’s less prepared than he’s been in the past, but naturally when you’ve been in a place for as long as he’s been and you’ve got things set up the way you want them, it becomes a little easier to run things and that would enable you to coach at an older age. So I don’t get the sense that Belichick is walking out of there tomorrow at all.”

We hope these predictions are true!

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